Delve into the diverse array of industries that FreedomPTT can seamlessly integrate into

Industry Applications

FreedomPTT is suitable for a huge array of industries ranging from government usage to small businesses. 


Business Critical Communication is in the blood of FreedomPTT. We know that any business cannot operate without clear communication.


Track the location of your delivery driver and ensure they are safe with the lone worker feature that alerts colleagues to a user in distress.


Communication on-site is key to allowing your project to finish on time and within budget. Allow FreedomPTT to be your chosen communication method.


Even across large areas of land, ensure your team can communicate to keep them safe and working as effectively as possible.


Communicate with the boots on the ground and ensure they will hear every word and feel safe whilst working.

Mission Critical - (Emergency First Responders)

FreedomPTT is suited to mission critical environments where time matters. Whether it be a Police Officer in trouble or Fire Brigade that needs tracking to find a faster route, FreedomPTT offers all.

Government Departments

Enable communication across all of your department no matter how far away they may be.

Mining & Tunnels

During mining and tunnel projects, communication between workers is vital. Using FreedomPTT on a tunnel or mine WiFi network allows nonstop communication.

Oil & Gas

With the ability to use ATEX certified equipment, you can communicate effectively even in the most volatile of environments


Get a much wider communication area for a fraction of the cost by  using FreedomPTT for transport applications.

Power Plants

With the rise in control room relocation hundreds of kilometres away from the physical site traditional methods of communication are becoming increasingly difficult to use and install. FreedomPTT cuts the costs of trunking systems by simply using the network infrastructure already in place.

Hotels & Retail

No need to carry bulky radios around the hotel or store, with FreedomPTT you can use much smaller devices more suited to these environments.


FreedomPTT is big on security, with AES-256 encryption as standard you will not be left vulnerable to attackers.


Communication is important in an educational environment. FreedomPTT offers a great solution to ensure you are always heard. With lone worker protection enabled help is only a click away.

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