About Us

FreedomPTT started development in early 2016


Freedom PTT is an exciting new communication platform that knows zero boundaries.

It features a multi functional visualization dispatching system including private call, group calls, sending messages, dynamic groups, monitoring & GPS position tracking.

It can provide timely dispatching function for company, increasing productively significantly.


The Ability to use Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Land Mobile Radio systems all in a single device and switch between them as needed simply and easily.

Straight forward one to one communications along with one to many and private communications all available in a single system.

iOS or Android app option allowing using your own devices and seamlessly transfer from location to location.
The ability to track and record communications via a standard PC.
Common Applications

Lone worker SOS button ensures the safety of your team with the ability to alert other users of a team member in distress.


First responders can fully integrate Freedom-PTT with Dispatch Consoles or Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) such as the Victorian Courts . Common applications for law enforcement users include Dispatch, Command, and Tactical, each of which has a distinct set of needs that are fulfilled by Freedom-PTT.

School districts can use Freedom-PTT for managing maintenance operations, transportation, and emergency communications. Freedom-PTT integration with Land Mobile Radios (coming soon) provides (LMR) seamless communication between LTE and LMR-based users.

Logistics companies would be able to track and communicate with their fleet no matter how far away. Picture this, a logistics company has its head office in Australia, but has drivers all across the world, with FreedomPTT the office would be able to communicate with any driver no matter their location. This would ensure that the company is operating as productively as possible. It may also help with insurance as the GPS location data can be exported for every user.